Physiotherapy Ibiza

Physiotherapy service providing bespoke treatment plans with personal-tailored rehabilitation programs, helping you achieve your goals while improving your wellness. 

Offering a range of treatments including Joint Manipulation, Acupuncture for Physiotherapy, Dry Needling, Biomechanics, Myofascial Release.

Fisioterapia Ibiza

Servicio de Fisioterapia proveyendo planes individuales de tratamiento y rehabilitación, ayudándote a lograr tus metas mientras mejoro tu bienestar.

Ofreciendo una gama de tratamientos que incluyen manipulación de articulaciones, acupuntura para Fisioterapia, Punción Seca, Biomecánicas, Liberación Miofascial.


“The kindest, most patient, most caring ostio/physio on the planet! Stephen is like a body & mind detective. He digs deep and he really focuses on where your problems come from and why. It’s not just a temporary fix... It’s truly a deep search for the root of the issue.
2 sessions with Stephen equaled to 2 years of Physiotherapy with other practitioners in Ibiza. He simply saved my life. Couldn’t recommend him more!”
— Ana Lui Golebiewska
Stephen is a fantastic physio! Rather than just treat you for problems you already have he is brilliant at analysing poor movement patterns which could potentially lead to further injury...His proactive and pragmatic approach has given me the confidence to continue doing a sport I love despite my injury, I can’t recommend him enough
— Food Ninja
Stephen helped me accomplish something that i never dreamed of doing! He stood by my side every single step of the way and as a team i was able to get into the ring for the most explosive night of my life!
Stephen has taken care of me both from a personal training and a physiotherapy point of view. The combination of these allowed me to train hard and stay injury free - the way he speaks and works with your problems makes you feel like you are in the safest hands.
Over the years Stephen has become a very important person in my life - Proof that work is his passion and there are no limits to what he belives in!
Great Trainer, Amazing Physico and an Incredible friend
Thank you Stephen!
— Nicholas Hardy
My body takes a battering this time of year work, training, lifting a nearly 4 year old! Today I had a hugely pulled neck muscle could not train, struggled to sit at computer etc but one slightly uncomfortable session with the amazing Stephen Freeth Physiotherapy, Deep Tissue massage, myofascial release, needles ( which I’ve been phobic of my whole life but actually want to have them as the release of tension in the muscles is incredible) An hour later I have full movement in my neck, I’m tender but happy again! Stephen Freeth
— Jade Gandey